A cheaper alternative to Singapore

Malaysia is a great alternative to Singapore for a regional headquarters due to business costs.

In 2012, Malaysia’s monthly office rental space was US$17 per sqm. This is significantly lower than Singapore’s average monthly office rental space of US$ 68 per sqm

The average worker in Malaysia is more affordable than in Singapore. In 2012, the average wage in Singapore was US$3,245 whilst the average wage in Malaysia was only US$2,310;

To rival the successful Singapore tourism sector, Malaysia is aggressively building hotels, amusement and theme parks, shopping malls, luxurious residential complexes, art galleries and museums. By 2013, Malaysia is expecting to attract 29 million tourists;

Malaysia wants to repeat the success of Singapore by growing its industrial and services sectors. For example, Malaysia has already developed ports such as Port Klang to serve major shipping routes;

To compete with Singapore’s manufacturing sector, Malaysia provides investment incentives such as a pioneer status, and an investment tax allowance to foreign manufacturing companies.